About food…

As you are in the southern part of France, my cooking has a very Mediterranean inspiration.

I always use fresh seasonal products, chosen for their taste and quality. In order to please you I take great delight shopping at the farmers, small shops and local markets. As much as possible I use the abundant organic products available in our area. Consequently, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetables don't travel too much to get to your plate… The cheese is "made in Le Barroux" . The goats leap about in the hills around and Bernard the shepherd delivers it frequently.

Jams, pastries, cookies, ice creams are all homemade.

We are surrounded by vast vineyards: you can imagine it is a big pleasure for me to taste the many local vintages in order to allow you to enjoy them or to recommend you some wine growers to visit.

If you have any allergy, if you are vegetarian or have a special diet, please let me know as soon as you can.

Menu is different every day : I choose the most tempting and delicious products, according to the season and to my mood….

If you reserve in advance, I can prepare the picnic for your next excursion : sandwich like pain-bagnat, cheese, bread, fruit, water (9 euros).

A dinner at Le Petit Jardin [See more...]

The price of dinner includes apéritif and wine.
In order to "vous mettre en appétit" here are some examples of menus :


  • Asparagus pudding
  • Roasted rabbit with fresh thyme and Dijon mustard
  • Montgolfiere potatoes
  • Cheese
  • Strawberry terrine


  • Aubergines "papeton" with bell pepper sauce
  • Chicken tajine with citron confit
  • Polenta fritters
  • Cheese
  • Cantaloupe soup with mint
  • Goat cheese and zucchini pastilla
  • Lamb "capilotade" with pesto
  • Epeautre risotto
  • Cheese
  • Red berries tiramisu
  • Tomatoes and fresh herbs tartare
  • Stockfish bouillabaisse
  • Cheese
  • Apricot crumble


  • Pumpkin and white beans soup
  • Veal rib with fried garlic sauce
  • Celery custard
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate fondant
  • Goat cheese soufflé
  • Pork cheeks daube
  • Artichoke of Jerusalem puree
  • Cheese
  • Milk tian with almond financiers
  • Foie gras crème brûlée
  • Monkfish stew with coconut sauce
  • Greens and rice
  • Cheese
  • Pear and almonds tarte